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Alflorex®is the only product in Europe that contains the unique PrecisionBiotic® 35624TM culture, part of the B. infantis family. The 35624TM culture was developed using ground breaking science from Alimentary Health Learn More
Alflorex Wins Pharmacy Product of the Year

Alflorex® won the award for Best Irish Product
at the IPN Awards 2015.



Alflorex® contains the unique PrecisionBiotic® 35624™ culture. Alflorex® capsules are easy to use and gluten free.

Alflorex® Children's
Nutrition Drink

Alflorex® Children's Nutrition Drink is a uniquely formulated nutrition drink with the 35624™ culture available in strawberry and chocolate

Children's Straws

Alflorex® Children's Straws are a novel and convenient way to supplement your diet with the 35624™ PrecisionBiotic® culture.

Alflorex® Convenient and Easy to Use

PrecisionBiotic® culture for targeted action

  • Take for at least 4 weeks to prime your gut and continue to use daily thereafter
  • Available over-the-counter, no prescription needed
  • Only 1 serving (capsule or sachet) per day, taken with or without food
  • No refrigeration required
  • It is normal to experience mild temporary changes in bowel habits during the first 4 weeks of use

Have some questions? We've collected some frequently asked questions from our customers. Please see the link below or call our careline

"After 3 months of taking Alflorex®, I just feel so much better. It has had an incredible effect on my life."

Jane, 58 years old


Alflorex® at the London Health Show
Alflorex® Well Received at the London Health Show by Health Care Professionals Read more


Alflorex® is Dairy Free
All Alflorex® Adult's Capsules made since September 2014 are completely dairy free. Here is how to check if yours is. Read more


Alflorex® teams up with Irish Rugby
Keeping players fit isn't just a matter of reps in the gym or laps on the field either Read more
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