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Alflorex® is the only product in Europe that contains the unique PrecisionBiotic® 35624culture, part of the B. infantis family. The 35624 culture was developed using ground breaking science from Alimentary Health. 

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Alflorex® Adults

Alflorex® contains the unique PrecisionBiotic® 35624™ culture. Alflorex® capsules are easy to use and gluten free.

Only available in pharmacies in the Republic of Ireland

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Alflorex® Children’s Straws

Alflorex® Straws are a novel and convenient way to supplement your diet with the 35624™ PrecisionBiotic® culture.

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Alflorex® Children’s Nutrition Drink

Alflorex® Children’s is a uniquely formulated nutrition drink containing the 35624™ culture available in strawberry and chocolate flavours.strawberry or chocolate

Unlocking the Promise of the Microbiome

The PrecisionBiotic® 35624™ culture is clinically studied and highly recognised

The unique PrecisionBiotic® 35624 culture was developed by Scientists, Clinicians and Gastroenterologists at Alimentary Health Ltd and the APC Microbiome Institute at University College Cork (one of the world’s leading institutions in gut health). The 35624 culture has over 50 publications in major academic journals.

After so many tests I started to believe it was all in my head...

Alflorex Convenient and Easy to Use

PrecisionBiotic® culture for targeted action

Take for at least 4 weeks to prime your gut and continue to use daily thereafter

  • Available over-the-counter, no prescription needed
  • Only 1 serving (capsule or sachet) per day, taken with or without food
  • No refrigeration required
  • It is normal to experience mild temporary changes in bowel habits during the first 4 weeks of use.

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