To celebrate the current availability of the Alflorex® supplement in over 900 Boots stores across the UK, for a limited time only, Boots UK are offering £5 off the usual price of £24.99. This offer is available in all Boots UK stores and online.
Alflorex® is the only PrecisionBiotic® supplement in Boots UK stores with the unique 35624™ culture. This culture goes to work where it’s needed. Alflorex® is gluten free, dairy free, soya free, wheat free and sugar free. It is only taken once a day and does not need to be refrigerated, for added convenience.

“It’s made a massive difference to my life and my confidence.”
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If you would like more information on Alflorex® and what it can do for you, then please visit your local Boots UK pharmacist where they will be happy to assist you. To buy Alflorex® from the Boots UK website directly, you can click here. Choose Alflorex®, Choose Freedom.