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Alflorex®, from PrecisionBiotics®, with the natural 35624® ‘good’ bacteria.The 35624® culture in Alflorex® is part of the Bifidobacteria family, the family of bacteria that mothers pass to their babies at birth.

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What makes 35624® culture so special?

35624® culture was researched and co-developed by Scientists and Gastroenterologists at Alimentary Health Ltd and the APC Microbiome Institute at University College Cork, one of the world’s leading institutions in the human microbiome and gut health.


35624® culture is now the number one recommended bacterial culture by Gastroenterologists in the United States.

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Not all cultures are alike

Naming of bacteria follows a set of rules, created in 1735 by Carl Linnaeus, naming species of living things by giving each a 2-part name. The first part of the name is the “Genus”, which describes a group of closely related bacteria, next is the “Species”, which describes a subset of these bacteria that share similarities. Now we also create strain names for each individual type of bacteria that can be tracked according to its unique characteristics, which are as unique as a fingerprint. It can be compared to an extended family – cousins, brothers and sisters and the individual.

Individual strains behave differently. The diagram on the right shows two strains of Escherichia coli (genus and species). The 0157:H7 strain commonly makes people sick while the Nissel 1917 strain is widely used as a probiotic. The 35624® culture has been clinically studied and shown to be unique. Other Bifidobacterium do not behave in the same way.

35624® culture is natural

35624® culture is a naturally occurring bacterial strain. Through careful study and development of PrecisionBiotics® technologies, we have managed to isolate and specially package this 35624® culture and make this very special bacteria available to everybody in Alflorex®.


35624® culture is safe

Alflorex® is a natural product with no known interactions so it is safe to take with other medications. Extensive clinical studies and long term use by hundreds of thousands of consumers in the US and Canada  have shown that Alflorex® has no side effects.

The 35624® culture is at home in your gut

The human digestive system is the natural home of 35624® culture and it lives comfortably in these conditions. Extensive clinical studies, including human transit studies, have shown that 35624® culture remains active right through your digestive system in capsule, powder and liquid formats. Human transit studies are the only way to ensure that a culture can survive in the digestive system effectively.


Taking Care of our Bacteria

Bacteria are live organisms and must be treated delicately in order to survive in supplement form between manufacture and ingestion. The low moisture environment of the Alflorex® capsule has been specially formulated to protect the 35624® bacteria and deliver them to you in prime condition. The formulation and packaging has been optimised to protect the bacteria at room temperature so there is no need to refrigerate Alflorex®.

Is more better?

It is the specific strain of bacteria and how that strain interacts with your unique gut bacteria, or microbiota, that determines whether you will notice a difference. There is a great deal of confusion regarding Colony Forming Units or CFU’s and potency. However, having more bacteria will not help if they are not the right bacteria. Ideally you want just enough. Alflorex® contains 1 billion (1×10935624® bacteria, for precisely targeted action.


Multi-strain or PrecisionBiotics® cultures?

As live organisms, bacterial cultures sometimes do not get on well together. Research has shown that cocktails of strains may work against each other. These combined strains may interact in complex and unpredictable ways, possibly negating their efficacy.

Alflorex® contains a single bacterial strain, known as 35624® culture. Through extensive studies, which we have conducted in partnership with leading global institutions, we have characterised this bacteria’s mechanism of action. We believe it is important to have an understanding of how our culture acts within the body and with other bacteria.